MissNowMrs Partnership Opportunities
MissNowMrs has two partnership programs designed to help businesses like yours boost your wedding website revenue and/or referral rates, while providing a valuable service to your clientele!

We have a very simple yet lucrative Affiliate Program for our partners. Post one of our banners or links and receive a 30% commission on each purchase made by each customer you send to MissNowMrs.com.

Purchasing MissNowMrs.com gift cards through our Customer Appreciation Program and giving one to each of your brides allows you to save her an average of 13 hours on the name-change process. This experience translates to a very positive memory of your bridal service while also helping to boost your referral rates.

Please click on Affiliate Program or Customer Appreciation Program to learn more about our partnership programs. Whichever program you select, your business will benefit from the results of partnering with MissNowMrs.com!

Have Questions? ¬†Email us at support@missnowmrs.com, we’re happy to help!

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